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Email Setup Guide
E-mail Setup with Outlook Express

Your hosting account with InterXstream entitles you to at least one e-mail account. Your email can be accessed using Outlook Express or any other e-mail client software.This guide contains steps for setting your e-mail account with Outlook Express.The examples in the guide assume the hosting account settings are:Domain name:

Username: gary

Step 1 Open Outlook Express

Go to your Start -> Programs -> Outlook Express. You should see the following express.


Step 2 Open Account Settings

Launch the Account Setings screen by clicking Tools -> Accounts. You will see the following screen:



Step 3 Click the Mail tab

Step 4 Start the Add Account Process

Click the Add > Mail button at the right. This will start a series of steps to follow for the creation of your new Mail account within OE.


Step 5 Follow the Steps

The first step is to select a display name. This name will appear next to your messages when you send them out.


Type in your preferred display name and click Next>


The next step is to enter your email address. In this example, for this example, assume the address is

Enter the address and click Next>


Next, you must specify your mail servers settings for your e-mail account.

You will see the following screen:

Your incoming mail server type is POP3

Your incoming and outgoing mail servers are identical. They are of the form

After entering this information, click Next>


Next, you will be prompted to enter your server logon information. Be careful with this step.

Your hosting account includes at least one, default email address. The logon information for this e-mail account matches your hosting account logon and password. Check your InterXstream welcome message for these if you have forgotten this information:

IF you are setting up e-mail account for your default e-mail address, specify only your hosting account username in the "Account name" field as shown below:

IF, however, you are setting up an account for e-mail accounts other than your default account, you must specify the entire e-mail address for the logon username. This is shown in the following example, which assumes you have set up an email account for "bob" on your domain.

Click Next> to continue


You should see the following congratulating screen:


Click Finish to complete the setup procedure.


Step 6 Use your e-mail account

Now that your account has been set up, you can send and receive e-mail messages.


E-mail Account Settings Summary

The critical e-mail account settings are listed below:

Incoming mail server:

Outgoing mail server:


Account Name (default): username

Account Name (not default):

Outgoing mail server requires authentication

Your mail server does not use SSL encryption




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