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Web Hosting Quick Start Guide

For New Hosting Accounts

Step 1 Purchase your domain name

Before you can host your web site with a hosting company, you must register your domain name. This means you must purchase the domain name ( that you wish to host.

Registration can be done online at many of the popular name registrars, or you may choose to have InterXstream register your domain name. Currently, name registration is $15.00 per year, and you may choose the domain and purchase during the signup process.



Step 2 Sign Up with InterXstream, and Review your welcome message

When you first sign up with InterXstream, you will receive an email message containing your new InterXstream account information. It is important to become familiar with this information.

There are several key pieces of information listed within this message to be aware of:

1) Your IP address

Your account with InterXstream grants you access to a web server. Web servers are named by lengthy address numbers of the form:

You may need to use this number during the first few weeks of owning your new account.

2) Your username and password

Your username and password combination for your account is listed. The username and password combination is useful in everything from copying your web site files to setting up your email addresses.

3) Your nameservers

Your InterXstream account uses 2 nameservers, both of which are listed in your welcome email message. Typically, these will be of the form:

    1. Your control panel

Your control panel is your online administration interface for your hosting account. Using this online tool, you can set up email accounts and configure subdomains.

Step 3 Change your nameser

Changing the nameserver settings for your domain will let people reach your web site by typing its name ( rather than by its IP address (

Typically, you can do this online by visiting your Registrar's web site and logging in to your account with them. (if you purchased the domain name from us, then we will set up the nameservers automatically for you.) You will have to use the login and password that they to you assigned when you purchased the domain from them: you do not use your InterXstream username and password combination when on your Registrar's web site.

After logging into your Registrar account, look for a link stating modify DNS or change nameservers or DNS settings or something similar. Clicking on such a link should display a web page allowing you to set up your new nameservers for your domain name.

Your InterXstream account uses 2 nameservers. Yours will be specified in your InterXstream welcome email message. Search the email message for your proper account settings.

Modify the nameservers for your domain name to those listed in your Account Information email message from InterXstream that you received shortly after purchasing your hosting account from InterXstream.

After changing your nameserver settings, it will take 24 - 48 hours for the Internet to detect your revisions. This is normal. In the meantime, you may not be able to access your site via the typical Instead, you should use:


For example, if your Username is rudy and your account IP address is, your temporary web site address is

Without correct nameserver settings, you will be stuck using this hard-to-remember web site address.


Step 4 Uploading your web site pages (FTP)

Uploading (copying) your web site pages to your hosting account can be done in several ways.

Whether you use simple FTP-client software, Dreamweaver, or Frontpage, you will have to specify 3 settings in the software setup.

    1. Host Name = your InterXstream account IP address
    2. User ID = your InterXstream account username
    3. Password = your InterXstream account password

The simplest method of uploading your web site files from your PC is to use an FTP program. Steps for uploading with one such program are below.

There is free FTP program called WS_FTP LE available at:

    1. Download FTP program
    2. Install FTP program
    3. Launch the FTP program. A dialog window appear as follows:

    Figure 1. The WS_FTP LE dialog window

The files listed on the listed on the left hand side of the window are those on your PC, while the files listed on the right-hand side of the window are those located on your web server.

4. Click the Connect button at the bottom, left-hand part of the window. A dialog window for specifying your web server information will appear.

Figure 2. Connect box

5) Fill-in the 3 following fields using your InterXstream account information.

Host Name/Address: your IP address

User ID: your username

Password: your password.

Figure 3. Example FTP connect

Once you are connected to your web server, the files of your web server account directories appear along the right-hand side of the screen.

Figure 4. Just after connecting to your web server.


    1. Browse to the "public_html" or "www" folder on the left (your web server).
    2. Browse your PC folder containing your web site files on the left.

Figure 5. Web page files on PC appear on left; web server directory on the right


8) Double-click your web site files listed along the left to begin copying them to your web server account.

Once your files are correctly copied onto your server, you will see your files listed both along the left and along the right.

Figure 6. Once files are copied, they appear in both columns


Finding additional help

You can visit our web site at, where you will find links along the left side of the page to user manuals for your control panel and a FAQ.

You can also email our support technicians at with specific questions.


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