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Web hosting is what InterXstream prides itself on. That's why we offer 24x7 Toll Free Technical Support, and why we offer the full feature rich web hosting packages that we do.

What customers say about InterXstream's Web Hosting Services:

Posted on 12/11/09
After being a customer for almost 10 years, I thought it was time to finally give my input on interxstream. Over the years they have given outstanding support and treated my sites with the upmost respect. I think I'll probably stay for another 10 years.

Mario Mannheim
(website withheld)

Posted on 02/01/08
This has been one of the better web hosting companies i've been with over the years. I really like the toll free number, and support. It's nice to be able to call someone and have them answer.

Joan Johnson

Posted on 11/20/08
The uptime has been very good, the speed at which my site loads is very quick, and I recommend interxstream when someone asks me who I host with.

Gary Buerem

Posted on 09/18/05
I would like to thank for the excellent service of transferring my reseller account with promptness and professional timeliness.  I have been in the reseller hosting business for over 7 years and have had 4 bad experiences with poor server maintenance and uptime issues, as well as the most critical in my experience, email server uptime with proper configuration.  I use cPanel and the add-on scripts with Fantastico. I can say from experience that the reliability of maintaining these programs is critical when you use these open source programs for your clients.  Many hosting companies will provide the cPanel and Fantastico add-on script features, but few really keep those modules updated along with cPanel and having cPanel configured properly with MySQL server on Linux. I will tell you, I was with one company in San Diego that grossly misrepresented themselves and their technical expertise. They blamed everything on the software and cPanel. They never fixed anything and they always put a "bandaid" on the fixes if they did any.  I lost over $1,000a month in clients due to poor email server configuration and poor cPanel configuration and maintenance. This company even prevented me from easily transferring my sites to reseller services. They even went as far as stealing business from me! Who can I trust? ...I found Interxstream! I am happy to say that interxstream performed above and beyond their services to help my business survive a very grueling time. Their customer service and hosting knowledge helped save my business! Since I have been with interxstream my sites run faster, my email server is trouble free, and even my sequential autoresponder software runs much better on the server they placed my account on.  I am very happy and realize, now that I am with a very competent company, how important it is to research and find a reliable expert with cpanel and server maintenance. I highly recommend interxstream and hope they continue their quality customer tech support services with knowledgeable technicians who care. Don't let any hosting company fool around with your  business and give you stories about why things aren't working. If you are using cPanel and the Fantastico module and they are not working right, or you have consistent email server errors, then switch to interxstream reseller hosting.  It's quality, and technical expertise with excellent response time in support. I stand by them and recommend them to anyone hosting their business or has a reselling hosting business. Thank you interxstream!


James Faasse

Posted on 07/27/05
I thought the perfect service was impossible, but InterXStream has proven me wrong.
By far the best host on the net, with true tech support, never again will I be in constant search for a new web host.

Kreative Networking & Internet Design Solutions

Posted on 04/09/04
I normally do not post ratings for companies that I do business with unless they provide me with an exceptional service or product. I believe going out of my way to post comments about a company means that I am very happy with them.

I am very very happy with InterXstream. Their response times to issues is very fast...sometimes I get a response it 10-15 minutes. To me, that is exactly what I look for when I am paying someone for a service. They also run tight servers and I think they know how to manage them very well. When surfing around my website or uploading files via ftp, everything is always very speedy. No lag times at all.

Charles Ellis

Posted on 04/30/03
I had a problem getting a personal perl script to run properly, and their client support was excellent. If you are looking for a web hosting company which offers excellent service, I believe InterXstream is the hosting company you are looking for.

Jonathan Snyder

Posted on 12/10/03
The best kept secret on the web today is InterXstream. I am completely shocked at their customer responsiveness. One could easily believe that you are the only customer they have to deal with from day to day. Say good-bye to impersonal relationships which make you feel like just another number. Say hello to one-on-one personal emails and phone calls with people who genuinely care about you and your site. An example ... imagine a hosting company who actually cares about how much spam you receive. One individual at InterXstream has spent weeks working on ways to reduce my spam. He even discovered a malicious script on one of our pages spammers were possibly using to send mail through our account. The result? I went from 600 spam a day to less than 75 simply because someone cared about my problem. Moving my account to InterXstream was probably the best step forward since our site began in 1997. If you are sick of crappy impersonal service and ridiculous impersonal service tickets ... take a look at these folks. Frankly ... for the price ... there is nothing better out there.

David Leeson
Field and Forest

Posted on 6/03/03
Very Easy to set up. I had a couple of questions about some of the pre-installed scripts, and they really seemed to know what they were talking about.


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